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Company profile

The EI Projekt s.r.o. company was founded in 2000 with the objective of providing comprehensive design documentation in all performance degrees from the field of the electro industry (electro installation, light current systems, measuring and regulations and high current systems). The designs have been prepared for you by our qualified team operating in České Budějovice and Prague. All our activities are focused on satisfying your requirements in terms of quality and deadlines.

The standard of our work is ensured by:

  • a team of designers with long term experience in the field
  • certification for system management, ISO 9001:2000 approved by the BVQI company (more...)
  • certification regarding authorisation of two of our employees in the “Engineering of the
  • building environment, electro specialisation” field
  • company technical hardware - computer network, processing in the AutoCAD 2002-2008 programme, Office programmes Word and Excel, double protection of your orders on our own server.
  • certification for designing electrical fire signalisation systems


Company products and services:
The company especially focuses on design activities. The company processes design documentation for territorial proceedings, building permission, tenders for suppliers and implementation of buildings in the following areas:

  • electro installation, earthing, lightning conductors
  • light current distribution (electrical fire signalization, electrical security signalization, sound distribution, telephones, structured cabling, access i.d. card system)
  • measuring and regulation
  • transformers, high current connection lines

We can also provide a consultancy service from the field and author supervision during project implementation - electro installation and weak current systems.